USB-A 1281

Effective charging for USB-A compatible devices

Delivering power and data to passengers

IFPL’s USB-A module delivers an effective, power interface solution for charging passenger Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs), at a cost neutral level, for a reliable performance and satisfied customers.

The durable charging downstream port incorporates a customisable soft light guide to provide an even spread of light with a low energy input for easy identification, location and insertion of passengers’ USB plugs.

Designed with system flexibility in mind the USB A 2.0 provides compatible power at 1.97A (max) and 5V DC, enabling the charging of PEDs including, but not limited to, Apple (all three tiers), compatible Android and Windows devices, in addition to supporting BC 1.2 and Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009.

Key information
  • Easy charging for passenger devices
  • Supports charging for smart phones and tablets including Apple (all three tiers) plus Android and Windows devices
  • Light guide for easy location and insertion
  • USB data for passenger interface
  • Customisable light guide and decal print to support airline branding and cabin aesthetics
  • MTBF calculated in excess of 90,000 hours
  • Easy on-wing replacement
  • Flexibility from 12V to 32V (40 max) input
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