Universal Power Outlet 1225

Universal power outlet delivering 110 AC power

Worldwide at-seat AC power

Proven in service with airlines throughout the world the IFPL Universal Power Outlet is designed to deliver 110V AC power to passengers’ devices; enabling passengers to use and charge their own mains powered electronic devices, e.g laptops and DSLR cameras, from the comfort of their seat.

The Universal Power Outlet accepts a broad range of worldwide consumer AC plugs in one single unit, therefore removing the complexity and number of onboard power sockets required.

Developed with customer safety in mind, the power outlet features an illuminating LED to indicate availability of power and incorporates safety interlocks to only allow power if pins are inserted evenly (i.e. a plug).

Key information
  • Designed to accept a broad range of worldwide consumer plugs
  • Provides 110V AC power, enabling passengers to use and charge their electronic devices
  • Single compact universal unit
  • Multiple safety features to ensure safe operation
  • Easy on-wing replacement
  • High reliability with a predicted MTBF of 90,000 flight hours
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