With in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, quality is an integral part of our company culture.

Each member of the IFPL team is engaged in continuous quality improvement, focussing on successfully delivering the best possible turnkey solution to our global partners. 

Operating in accordance with our quality management systems, the aviation quality standards of AS9100D, and the CAA Part 21G production organisation approval certification, IFPL offers expertise in manufacturing, material traceability, sourcing, purchasing, and logistics across a wide range of industries. 


  • First awarded to IFPL in 2016.
  • Globally recognised aerospace quality management system.
  • Supports design and development of aviation, space, and defence products and services.
  • Provides a systematic and quantifiable framework for continuous improvement, counterfeit part prevention, full traceability, and increased customer satisfaction.
UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Part 21G
  • IFPL was first approved as a Production Organisation (CAA Part 21G) in 2006.
  • Certifies IFPL to manufacture and release parts under a CAA Form 1.
  • Supports design and production of products ready to be installed on an aircraft.
  • Provides the regulatory framework required to ensure ongoing quality compliance.


With our dedicated certified team and on-site IPC trainer we can support compliance to a range of IPC standards and electronic sub-assembly requirements.

  • Internationally recognised standard for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies.
  • Supports process control for producing high-quality, soldered, leaded, and lead-free interconnections.
  • Our highly skilled team and on-site trainer are fully certified and dedicated to manufacturing electronic assemblies right, first time.
  • IFPL are compliant to the IPC-A-610 soldering standard for the acceptability of electronic assemblies.
  • Support the accurate assembly and manufacture of electronic equipment.
  • Our team are fully certified to determine between acceptable and unacceptable electronic assemblies.
  • Leading industry standard for cable and wire harness fabrication and installation. 
  • Supports the procedures for fault-finding, rectification, methods of soldering, and a quality of finished product on cable and wire harness assemblies.
  • We can accommodate requirements of varying complexity, built to a customer’s specification and ranging from first-offs to mass production.
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