Truly Innovative Solutions

The addition of Bluetooth® technology to our portfolio is an exciting development. As a world leader in passenger connectivity, IFPL products deliver high-quality sound, reliability and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Powering PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) is now an important requirement in support of the passenger experience. AdPower (patent pending) is a unique way to provide passengers with in-seat USB power that can be monetised by airlines. Battery anxiety is recognised as an area of potential stress and concern for travellers. Therefore, on-board USB power offers passengers a solution to this new issue.

AdPower can be used in two ways; either by watching a short advert on-board or purchasing in flight power prior to boarding.  This provides an additional income stream that complements airline revenue strategy. Being embedded within an airline’s app, AdPower can be tailored to each carrier’s individual requirements.

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