Monetised in-seat USB power

Provide passengers with in-seat USB power and generate extra revenue

The innovative AdPower Smart USB Module works alongside an airline app to offer passengers the option to purchase USB power for the duration of their flight (pay for power), or to exchange power for watching a short pop-up advert customisable by the provider (advert-enabled). 

Developed to reduce ‘low battery anxiety’ and increase customer satisfaction, AdPower is compatible with most leading in-seat power and IFEC systems. Installation is quick and simple, with no on-board central server required. 

With this easy and low cost in-seat upgrade, power and promotion are only a click away.

Key information
  • An innovative way to generate ancillary revenue
  • Adverts that launch when passengers connect their devices
  • An easy, low cost in-seat power upgrade, with short-term return on investment
  • Reduces passengers’ ‘low battery anxiety’
  • Compatible across Apple and Android devices
  • Small USB outlet, easy integration into seats
  • Airlines can customise length and number of adverts
  • Managed via the airline’s app
  • Allows airlines to run promotions with partner brands
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