IFPL Announces Acquisition of Cobalt Aerospace

We’re excited to announce that we have acquired specialist aerospace design and manufacturing company Cobalt Aerospace Group Limited.

We have known the Cobalt Aerospace team since the company’s formation in 2013 and have watched with interest as they have successfully brought several innovative solutions to market. We are confident that by combining the considerable skills and expertise within both businesses, we will be able to significantly broaden and strengthen our offering to our customers – to you!

Here is just a snapshot of the products that this merger will make available to our customer base:


  • Cobalt Spectrum
    The original drop-in LED mood lighting. Offering a virtually unlimited number of colours and lighting effects alongside superior reliability, Cobalt Spectrum is capable of enhancing any aircraft cabin with the brightest and best LED lighting.
  • Cobalt Unplugged
    Able to seamlessly integrate into arm rests, bar tops, and more, Cobalt Unplugged wireless chargers keep mobile phones, tablets, and laptops fully charged; ensuring passengers and crew stay happy.
  • GLS-7 Emergency Floor Path Marking
    GLS-7 photoluminescent floor path marking is proudly the most economical system on the market: customers can save up to 70% on competitor products, with no compromise on quality. Durable, and waterproof, GLS-7 is completely reliable as it operates without the use of electricity.

Excitingly, Cobalt Aerospace will also bring their specialist certification knowledge and status as a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Part 21J Design Organisation to the IFPL Group. This means we will be able to support customers with classifying and approving aircraft changes across a variety of areas including avionics, cabin interiors, and electrical systems

Following this exciting news, we want to take the time to reassure you of several things that will not change:

  • We will continue to operate as IFPL, and Cobalt Aerospace will continue to operate under their brand name. Both businesses will operate under the umbrella company IFPL Group Limited.
  • You will continue to work with the same people you are currently in contact with – we are retaining all of our staff in their current positions. This acquisition simply means we will have more expertise available!
  • Any services and products we are currently providing you with will continue without hinderance.
  • The way you contact us will not change – we still have the same phone number, the same website, and the same email addresses.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to introducing you to some of our new team and products in the near future

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