Dual Rapid-Fit Audio Jack 1248

A quick-fit jack: upgrade your audio in just 30 seconds

For a rapid fit in just 30 seconds

The IFPL Dual Rapid Fit Audio Jack delivers a quick and easy retrofit and upgrade solution, supporting A2/B2 and passengers’ personal single pin headsets, at minimal cost.

Developed with on-wing maintenance effectiveness and customer satisfaction in mind, the module incorporates a removable dual Rapid Fit cartridge that is easily accessible, can typically be replaced in less than 30 seconds, and eliminates the need to remove the entire module from the seat in the event of customer induced damage (CID).

With exceptional audio quality the IFPL Dual Rapid Fit Audio Jack provides an excellent opportunity for maximising customer satisfaction quickly and efficiently.

Key information
  • High availability to ensures passengers can access IFE system.
  • Supports A2/B2 and passengers’ personal single pin headsets.
  • High-quality audio and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Rapid on-wing replacement in less than 30 seconds.
  • Minimises support and replacement costs.
  • Easy retrofit and upgrade solution.
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