Dual Breakaway Audio Jack 1327

A dual audio jack with built-in protection against user damage

Solve the problem of broken headphone sockets

IFPL’s Dual Breakaway Audio Jack and supporting headset connector deliver a cost neutral and highly reliable solution to ensuring the continuity of signal and on-going customer satisfaction whist virtually eliminating the issue of broken sockets and damage to headset cables.

Developed using our innovative MagSignal* technology; the headset cable can be pulled from any angle without damaging the socket, jack or headset cable itself, extending the lifetime use and reducing customer induced damage (CID).

With floating magnets effective at maintaining signal during turbulence and vibration; the Dual Breakaway also includes dual redundancy, by incorporating two Long Life single pin stereo sockets, to ensure usability of the IFE system even if one socket becomes damaged.

* Patents pending, UK patent application no. 1602135.4, and US patent application no. 15/016,483

   Patents pending: US15/016 483, GB1602135.4, GB2533258, WO2016/038399 

Key information
  • Easy insertion
  • MagSignal* breakaway plug easily detaches without damaging the headset or jack
  • Compatible with airline standard and leading passenger carry-on headsets
  • Robust and reliable design, ensuring high availability and minimising CID
  • Cost-neutral compared to traditional sockets and headphones
  • Incorporating IFPL’s Long Life jack technology, tested to over 100,000 insertions
  • Dual redundancy, as the unit provides two push-through single stereo sockets
  • Designed for easy on-wing replacement
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